Taken from the book:

“Hello, this is Angela,” our translator said in her soft Chinese accent. “Come to my room and meet your daughter.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Jeff. “She’s here!”

We hurried to Angela’s room. The door was already open. I peeked in and saw three baby girls being held by beautiful Chinese caretakers. We walked in.
“Can you tell which little girl is ours?” I quietly whispered to Jeff.
Jeff shrugged his shoulders. The referral photos of Ji Chen Ge were taken several months earlier when she was only a few months old, so it was impossible to tell. Angela spoke something in Chinese to one of the nannies, and she walked over to us holding a scared little girl.

“Ji Chen Ge?” Angela asked.

“Yes!” we said in unison.

I looked at this little girl and couldn’t believe we were finally meeting our daughter. She was so beautiful and small. She had dark hair with little curls and thin, tan legs. Her eyes were sad. She wore a white t-shirt, diaper, and tattered sandals. Her shoes caught my eye. They were plastic sandals with a worn Hello Kitty emblem barely attached to the top. For a child not yet walking, they seemed to have traveled many miles.

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